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You can download existing builds from Google Ads to your PPC Ad Editor account.

Before you can initiate a download of an existing build, your Google Ads account should be linked to your PCADE account. Please see the Link Google Ads Account instructions for help with this step.

You can follow these steps to sync or download your existing ad builds from your Google Ads account:

  1. Click import at the top menu of the dashboard
  2. Select the "Download Sync" option.
  3. Select either "All campaigns" to download all the campaigns in your Google Ads account or "Campaigns I select" to choose which campaigns to download and sync.
  4. Check "Include account extensions" if you have account extensions that need to be included in the syncing process.
  5. Click on the green "Download" button to initiate the download.

Note: Downloading your Ads build to PCADE can also be initiated right after Google Ads account linking.

Upon download completion, a confirmation window will appear. 

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