PCADE can help avoid redundant workflows when building your Campaign ads. Duplicate campaign objects to save time creating different campaigns. Campaign objects include Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords. 

You may also choose to duplicate an entire campaign. However, this method will not let you choose which campaign to associate the duplicated objects. 

Also, you can duplicate an Ad Group and then select the campaign where you want to assign the duplicated object. 

Duplicating either Ads or Keywords allows you to select the Ad Groups where the duplicated object will be assigned.

Here is how to duplicate an object in PCADE:

  1. Log in to PCADE as an Editor.
  2. Go to the object dashboard where the object you want to duplicate. 
  3. Select the build and then click on the duplication icon indicated in the screenshot below.

In the screenshot, the object to duplicate is Keywords and the actual keyword build is named "ppc ad preview tool".

4. Select the "Ad Group(s)" where the duplication will be attached  in "Duplicate" confirmation popup window and then click on the "Duplicate" button.

The same steps apply to any other duplicated objects.

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