All of our users with access to PPC Ad Editor have roles associated with their account. They can either be an editor or a reviewer depending on their organizational function and scope of work.

There are three different kinds of users as well:

Admin User -  This user has an editor role that can create or manage campaigns and objects within PPC Ad Editor panel, manage billing information and add another editor. Also, Admin Users can invite a reviewer and change a Standard User to an Admin User.

Standard User - While also in an Editor role that can create or manage campaigns and objects within PPC Ad Editor panel, Standard Users do not have access to financial information and cannot add another editor to the account. However, Standard Users can invite a reviewer.

Reviewer User - This role is a read-only role. Reviewer Users cannot create or manage campaigns and objects within the PPC Ad Editor panel. They can only see projects preview and comment on projects.

How Does Team Access Work?
Team access is a collaboration process within PPC Ad Editor where an editor (Admin or Standard User) can share the same assets within the account and brainstorm ideas with another editor or reviewer. Please see the steps on how to add or invite another user in an account.

There is no limit for reviewers you can invite per project. An Admin User can invite another editor to work with an ad campaign or to create a project. The project owner/editor can then invite a reviewer to check the ads quality and accuracy. This will shorten the process of exchanging information as well as approving ads.

You can only add a new or unique user in PPC Ad Editor. If you need to invite someone as an editor who already has an existing PPC Ad Editor account, one workaround is to have them provide a different email address (not the one they already used for registration).

In some cases, collaborators are not aware of their PPC Ad Editor registration. In these cases, your collaborator can contact our customer support personnel and request for the removal of their email address to create a whole new account.

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