PCADE has an auto-exemption tagging feature for keywords flagged for violation. It streamlines the processing time usually spent manually tagging those flagged words in the Google Ads so the entry gets accepted for further review. 

Here's how it works. When you upload your campaigns, you will be notified of keywords that have been flagged for violation. If your keywords have been flagged for a policy violation, PCADE will request an exemption automatically and still upload the keyword.

Please refer to the link below for more details of Keyword Violations.

How to upload a campaign build with bad keywords:

  1. Please see the steps on how to upload your builds to Google Ads by clicking here.
  2.  Once upload is completed, a confirmation window will appear with details of all objects uploaded and keywords that are flagged for violation.
  3. You may verify those keywords by going to your "Keywords" dashboard. A red exclamation icon under "Exemption Required" will appear for the bad keyword uploaded to Google Ads.

    In the sample screenshot below, an icon is presented "Viagra" it is violates keywords policy in Google Ads but this has been successfully uploaded to Google Ads with an automatic exemption tagging.

Reference Videos:
Uploading a Campaign with Bad Keywords in PCADE

Bad Keywords Exemption process in Google Ads

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