PPC Ad Editor has a really useful feature where you, as an Editor, can exchange comments with a Reviewer or client on a project, or another team member. For example, let's say that you created an ad and you want to show it to your client to get your ad approved to go live. You'll be able to share the preview with them, they can add any comments, you can comment back and make an in-line edit if requested, and then save it. I'll detail the steps on how to leave comments below:

  1. Go into the previews from your main dashboard:

2. Click on the preview icon for the project you want to comment on:

3. Select the 'Comment' mode at the top of the Previews dashboard:

4. Choose any object in the preview to comment on, and click on the thought bubble icon as seen below:

5. Leave a comment in the comment box. If you want to notify any reviewers of any comments, you can toggle the notify button on or off.

If you want to check your messages inbox, you can do so by clicking on the 'Unread Messages' button at the top left-hand corner. If you click on the messages in the left-side panel, it will take you directly to whichever object the comment is at. You can also sort by 'Unresolved', 'Resolved', and 'All'.

The orange thought bubble shown in the above image means that you have a comment notification. Once you click on it, it'll open the comment box and you'll be able to reply or mark the comment as resolved.

Check out our video showing the whole process:

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