Previewing a project is helpful in many ways during a collaborative creative process. Perhaps most importantly,  it allows the advertising manager, consultant or reviewer to see how the ads will look. 

Previewing a project will also help both the editor and the reviewer collaborate and work off of updated versions or advertising revisions in real time. For example, an editor may do real time inline edits as per reviewer's suggestion and can communicate using the comments feature.

Here are the 4 easy steps to preview a particular project:

  1. Log in to to your PPC Ad Editor account.
  2. Go to the Projects dashboard by clicking on "Project Preview" at the left-hand side of PPC Ad Editor's main menu. 
  3. Select the project you want to see and click on the eye icon under the "Actions" heading to view the preview page of the build.

4. You may also share the project preview page by clicking the "Copy Link" button and pasting the link to a text, word doc, or an email.

A reviewer can also use project preview for projects shared with them or to which they have access. Please see how to Invite a Reviewer for detailed instructions.

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